About Us

We founded SkyUp in 2014 to provide three things that were missing from fans of drone and fpv pilots lives:

1.Designs that seamlessly blend into a life yet are uncompromising in their functionality.
2.An exceptional level of quality in both product materials and design.
3.An affordable price while still doing both of the above.

It took nights and weekends while we had day jobs and families, but over the past 3 years, with a lot of hard work, patience, and creativity, we've created numerous best selling products that are true to our vision. Our mission continues to follow this course as we selectively expand our offerings to meet customer needs.

We are proud of what SkyUp stands for today, not only as an award winning designer with a global presence, but also as a company that actively monitors, improves and releases the latest designs for all drones fans.

For any questions fell free to contact us skyupdrones@gmail.com